Naked eye 3D technology solution expert

Provide professional software solutions in hardware and software

Technical Service

naked eye 3D content decoding playback technology

3D videos and pictures downloaded to yerel from network. The format includes the most popular 3D format, Half SBS and 3DV format(reserved rights)

naked eye 3D shooting synthesis technology

Comes with 3D photo shooting and compositing to capture high quality 3D images easily.

real-time 2D to 3D video technology

Independently researched and developed real-time 2D to 3D video technology, support yerel and online 2D contents to be converted into 3D real time.

human eye tracking technology

The user's pupil position is identified and judged, then the images will be automatically adjusted real time without view limit anymore.

optical structure design and nano-grating fabrication process

The multi-layer nano-optical material design ensures 2D/3D adaptation while maintaining original resolution and high brightness display without any affecting to 2D use.

Product application

mobile application 3DFAN

3DFAN is a communication community mobile phone application based on 3D content launched by Shenzhen Weishang Realm Display Technology Co., Ltd.

Phantom mobile phone film

Phantom of the naked eye 3D mobile phone screen protector is a mobile phone screen protector developed by Shenzhen Weishang Realm Display Technology Co., Ltd. that allows people to directly see the mobile phone screen to present 3D images

Mobile phone

Zhuopu naked eye 3D mobile phone、Noah letter naked eye 3D mobile phone


Patriot MP5、Colorful MP5

Medical microscope

stereo microscope

Company Profile

3DVSTAR Display Technology Co., Ltd. 

3DVstarFounded in 2006, 3DVstar has been deeply involved in 3D display technology for more than 10 years. It is the first technician in the world to focus on the development and application of 3D stereoscopic display. It is also the first in China to provide optical structure design, grating fabrication process and software development. The company's complete set of technical solutions, with a number of independent research and development technology patents in the field of naked-eye 3D stereo display, is the first member of China's 3D industry alliance, and participated in the formulation of China's 3D industry standards.

4utility models (3+1)

20 project experiences

4software copyrights

13 years of industry experience

6 invention patents (3+3)

9products on the market

Business history

  • 2006

    Established a naked-eye 3D decoding team and overcome the bottleneck of 3D decoding technology
    Successfully solved the matching technology of naked eye 3D display and software 3D decoding

  • 2010

    Joined Noah's to launch a naked-eye 3D mobile phone Join hands with Huaqi Digital (Patriot) to launch the naked eye 3DMP5 Moonlight Box PM5950, PM5939

  • 2011

    Launched the naked eye 3D player CK5 based on 3DVstar technology with Colorful Join hands with Patriot (Aigo) to launch the naked eye 3D movie based on 3DVstar technology PM887D

  • 2012

    Changhong Electric developed a TV-based naked-eye multi-view android decoding embedded system. Join hands with Zhuopu (ZOPO) to launch ZP600 naked-eye 3D mobile phone

  • 2013

    3DG game engine and 3DV game center go online Provided to WOWFLY Tianlu Optoelectronics (TYLOO) Shenzhen Yuechuang and other brands of naked eye 3D tablet solutions and mass production

  • 2019

    Independent development of naked eye 3D products - 3DFAN + Phantom mobile phone protective film

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